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01) FSBO: New Escrow - RESALE & REFI Open Order Sheet 2015 (Required for Escrow)

02) FSBO: Residential Purchase Agreement 2015 (Required for Escrow)

03) FSBO: EPA SAMPLE - Lead Base Paint Disclosure  (Pre 1978 Construction)

04) NEO: Title and Escrow NEWS - PIO

05) NEO: Marketing: The Escrow Team's Flyer


Additional Escrow & Title Reference Downloads:

01) SAMPLE: Basic Home Buyer Checklist 2015

02) SAMPLE: California Quitclaim Deed 2002

03) SAMPLE: Nevada CC&R (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions) 1968

04) SAMPLE: Nevada Grant, Bargain Sale Deed 2002

05) SAMPLE: Nevada Spousal Deed 2004

06) SAMPLE: Nevada Quitclaim Deed         

(2-6) Avoid using the Quitclaim Deed in Clark County, Nevada. More often then not, the Quitclaim Deed will get rejected by the County Recorders office and it must be retyped on a Grant, Bargain, Sale Deed. In most cases, it will not contain enough information for the county recorder.    

07) SAMPLE: NOTE Secured by Deed of Trust 2003

08) SAMPLE: Promissory NOTE                        

(7-8) Depending on negotiations between buyer and seller, one may or may not be expected to sign a NOTE.
These examples are just to give you an idea what they look like. NOTES are handled through escrow by the escrow officer. You will not need to download them or fill them out. These are for informational purposes only. 


09) SAMPLE: Special Power of Attorney 2002

10) SAMPLE: Declaration of Homestead 2001

(10) Simplified, a homestead protects you from losing your primary home. If a judgment is not paid, one can try to collect money owed several ways including having a home sold to pay a debt. The homestead law protects a certain amount of the value / equity of your home from being taken to pay judgment. This would be done after the escrow (home purchase or refinancing). Consider a homestead before filing bankruptcy.  You must have it notarized by a Public Notary, but it is easy to file a declared homestead by yourself. You do not need to pay someone else to do it for you.
Enclose your Declaration of Homestead and a moneyorder or a cashiers check for $18.00 and then Mail To: Clark County Recorder, PO Box 551510, Las Vegas, Nevada 899155-1510
***   When you can file a Declaration of Homestead:
1) When you buy a new home.
2) when you refinance your home. You must do it again
3) One Homestead in each state or in each county for which you own a home.
4) Primary home within a single county.
5) Placing your home in a trust. You must do it again
6) When you file for a Pre-Nuptial Agreement, you must do it all over again.   

11) SAMPLE: FSBO - Residential Purchase Agreement - Money Receipt      

12) SAMPLE: Blank Lease - Rental Agreement  2003

13) SAMPLE: Statement of Information  2001

14) SAMPLE: Declaration of Value  2003

15) SAMPLE: FHA Mortgage Escrow Instructions 2015

16) SAMPLE: Conventional Mortgage Escrow Instructions 2015

17) SAMPLE: Escrow HoldBack Agreement

18)  Misc. How do You become an Escrow Officer?

19)  Misc. General Escrow Assistant Checklist

20)  Misc. Realtor Duties and Responsibilities

21)  Misc. Mortgage Loan Officer Duties and Responsibilities

22)  Misc. Nevada Real Property Transfer Tax Outline

23)  Misc. Clark County On-Line Public Record Signature Removal Form

(23a) Here is more information on Public Records and Identity Theft. Its worth a few minutes of your time.


For legal questions and answers about Notes, for what it is, what it does or doesn't do, you should visit and / or call the State Bar of Nevada. If you have further questions not answered on that page, then contact the State Bar of Nevada’s Lawyer Referral & Information Service at 702-382-0504 (toll free in Nevada at 800-789-5747). Escrow Officers / Agents are forbidden by State Law to practice Law which includes advising how to fill out these forms or giving any other legal advice.