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1)  This site ( is designed and intended to make the average property buyer/seller have a better understanding of the title and escrow industry and process as performed in the State of Nevada. This educational site is solely owned, developed and operated by Norma Hoag a licensed Title Agent (Escrow Officer). All information contained within and all intellectual data contained on this website is property of Norma Hoag and is copy written and can not be copied, recreated, modified or publication without the written permission of Norma Hoag. We prefer a link back to this site.

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2)  Although all information on this site has been researched in depth and valid at the time of publishing, all information is deemed correct and current. No warranties are given or implied to the validity of the information herein. i.e no Escrow/ Title company including Norma Hoag will be NOT held liable for incorrect or out of date information within this website. It is the responsibility of the reader to confirm the information and the consultation of a lawyer for legal questions is strongly encouraged.

3)  Although Escrow Officers are very well versed in the handling of an escrow, they are not attorneys. They or anyone employed by the title company cannot give legal advice, investment advice, or negotiate the transaction. So, occasionally you may ask a question that your Escrow Officer just cannot (by law) answer. Your Escrow Officer will listen carefully to your concerns, answer your questions about our services, procedures and forms, offer a friendly smile, and make your escrow experience as pleasant as possible.

Norma and other Escrow Officers (Title Agents) are forbidden by State Law to practice Law which includes advising anyone how to fill out the sample forms found within this website or that may be linked to this website or giving any other legal advice Including but not limited to "how to fill out a purchase agreement" or "NOTES" what they do or don't do.


For legal questions and answers you should visit and / or call the State Bar of Nevada. If you have further questions not answered on this website, then please contact the State Bar of Nevada�s Lawyer Referral & Information Service at 702-382-0504 (toll free in Nevada at 800-789-5747).

4)  This site is not, nor has ever been affiliated with, or the responsibility of, any title or escrow company that Norma Hoag may work for in any way past or future. Any reference to a Title or escrow company is solely to indicate her place of business.

5)  Norma Hoag is legally licensed in the State of Nevada by the Nevada State Division of Insurance and authorized to perform escrow business in most States of the United States. Norma's Title Agent License #65175 since 03/08/2000.

6)  This website does not accept or disperse any funds for any reason. However still uses a SSL Certificate for the safety of those that use this secure website..

7)  Norma and her title company execute escrows involving real property only and not internet escrow transactions

8)  Most escrow officers including Norma Hoag will not do a personal deed recording without an escrow.

9)  Norma abides by the laws and regulations of the HUD Fair Housing Act of 1968 as set by The Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) 


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