Nevada Public Records and Identity Theft
How To Protect Yourself - Your Identity and Your Privacy!


EDUCATIONAL: As you know bankruptcy filings, marriage certificates, birth and death certificates, divorce, property quitclaim deeds, grant deeds, Homesteads, Declaration of Value are all Public Records. They are often now available on the internet from your County Assessors website. When you sign any notarized document for recording, they are microfiched, scanned, filed etc. Eventually, they will all be posted on their respective website(s) for public viewing. Just like California, Arizona and many other States, Nevada and the Las Vegas Valley are no different. It started here in September of 1999 and everyone that has bought or refinanced any type of home in Clark County will eventually be found online. What's not commonly understood, is that the entire document is available to the public. This includes all of your signatures, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, Bank information and even VIN numbers. 
Nevada's Clark County Assessor; "...documents may reflect signatures. Individual signatures may be removed from this copy by completing and returning the request form or by writing a request to the Assessor's Office. If you have any questions pertaining to these documents, please contact the Assessor's Office (702) 455-3882". 
Acrobat Reader is required on your PC. Click: the Clark County Assessor's website, Click: "Record Searches" then "Owner Name", type in a name, identify correct name in the list and Click the parcel number, Click: "Recorded Document". Wait a moment for the page to load.
For home owners, this is one fast and simple precaution you can take to prevent you from being a victim of identity theft and your signature being misused. If you wish your Assessors office to "hide" your signature and other information from public records, this must be submitted in writing. It can be mailed or FAXed. You can be finished in 5 minutes! Be sure to look up all of the rest of your Clark County public records here. Be sure to include these on the signature removal form found below. Protect your identity! Protect your right to privacy!
PLEASE NOTE:  Your County Assessor's "Document Management Team" are able (with out defacing the original legal document), to remove the following information from "ONLINE VIEWING" for free through the Internet. However, you must submit your County Assessor's Removal Request form with the document number(s) first.
*  Signatures
*  Social Security Numbers
*  Bank Account Information
*  VIN Numbers
How to Fix It!
If You Become a Victim,
Notify Your Police Department and the FTC:
Boulder City Police Department
Federal Trade Commission
Henderson Police Department
Las Vegas Metro Police Department
North Las Vegas Police Department

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