EDUCATIONAL: Title Insurance and Escrow News In Nevada



 1) PDF DownloadsNST -       Here is/are the Nevada State Title's Preferred Program Flyers for "The Curve" Office


                     NST Issue 01 for  01/20/17 

                     NST Issue 02 for   

                     NST Issue 03 for   

                     NST Issue 04 for   

                     NST Issue 05 for   

                     NST Issue 06 for

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 1) PDF DownloadsCFPB - Training Information for August 1, 2015 law changes. What you need to know.


           a)   What is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)?

            b)  5 Things Lenders Need to Know about CFPB

            c)  5 Things Real Estate Agents Need to Know about CFPB 

            d)  5 Things Attorneys Need to Know about CFPB

            e)  5 Things Escrow Officers Need to Know about CFPB

             f)  Closing Protection Letters & Insurance Policy Comparisons 

            g)  The New CFPB Closing Disclosure Explained 

            h)   Closing Disclosure Timing - CFPB



1)  FHA Loans closed on or after January 21, 2015 will only be allowed to collect actual per/diem interest on the payoff. (this would be loans that just closed last month – on or after January 21st.) FHA Loans closed prior to January 21, 2015 and Insured after August 2, 1985 Still require 30 days/full month interest no matter what day of the month the loan is paid.

2)  HUD-1 Settlement Statement - Real Estate Law

3)  FHA Prepayment Elimination



1)  FHA Loans Amended on 09-29-2014